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Thin Wheels

Norton Professional 7” Grinding Wheels
Revolutionary design with lighter weight and unmatched grinding efficiency. New construction and design of the product enables it to cover a wide range of applications like Back Gauging, V Grooving and Light Foundry.

Norton professional 4” / 5” Grinding Wheels
Unique product design offering ease of grinding. Specially engineered grain and bond system, as well as Coarse and Fine Grit size combination design.

  • Up to 35% higher cut rate as compared to others in the class
  • Improved productivity and machine life
  • Uniform finishing results

  • Beveling
  • Edge Chamfering
  • Stock Removal
  • Weld blending

Norton Professional Chopsaw Wheels
Norton Professional range includes double and single reinforced chopsaw wheels to suit user requirement. The unique design of reinforced chopsaw wheel with razor sharp abrasive for cutting grains enables it to perform on denser, harder pipes & channels.