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Norton Professional Unified Discs
Deburring and finishing applications
  • Consistent, conformable finish
  • Used in stainless steel and mild steel components
  • Gives smooth finish to the metal surface post the aggressive coated applications

  • 4” size with T27 back up pad
  • Four grits: P-1AF, P-3AF, P-5AF, P-8AF
  • Provides different levels of aggression and surface finish with different grades

Norton Professional Rapid Strip
Key Applications
  • Heavy rust removal
  • Weld slag removal
  • Paint adhesive and tape removal
  • Descaling of ferrous surfaces

  • Open structure, minimal loading
  • Surface condition, strip and clean in one disc
  • Extremely versatile using hard and soft pressure

  • 3” disc with Speed-Lok button
  • 4” disc with T27 back up pad

Norton Professional Rapid Prep-Surface Conditioning Discs
Key Applications
  • Blending of machine marks, coated product marks
  • Edge deburring
  • Removing surface defects on SS

  • New smear free product
  • Provides better grain utility while remaining flexible

  • 3” disc form with Speed-Lok button
  • Three grits: coarse, medium and very fine